LOMO Lomochrome Purple - Challenger Edition
LOMO Lomochrome Purple - Challenger Edition
LOMO Lomochrome Purple - Challenger Edition
LOMO Lomochrome Purple - Challenger Edition

LOMO Lomochrome Purple - Challenger Edition

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Preloaded with LomoChrome Purple, pocket-sized and ready for anything! Japanese street style meets our favorite point-and-shoot in this special edition Simple Use Camera.

Original design by Satoru Taguchi and exclusive Challenger logo sticker shot on LomoChrome Purple film included!

Carefully crafted by our color contortionist chemical engineers, the 2019 LomoChrome Purple film was fermented in a top secret location and allowed to mature to perfection. A delicate balance of the finest photon reactive silver halide crystals and special color compounds, this trippy emulsion yields spectacular psychedelic scenes. Use it to craft a heady blend of earthy reds, crisp plums and velvety violet notes.

Analogue Made Easy
Lomography’s Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera is preloaded with film so you can start shooting straight away.

Filled with Fantastic Film
LomoChrome Purple ISO 100-400 gives your shots amazing purple hues for a psychedelic analogue effect.

Get Creative with Color Gel Flash Filters
Mix and match three different Color Gel flash filters to tint your shots with one of six different colors.

Take Your Camera Everywhere You Go
Portable and light, the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera can easily be your go-to camera for everyday shooting.

Easy to Develop Your Pictures
Just hand in your film at any photo lab. It’s quick and easy to get your photos developed at the LomoLab!

Reload and Keep Shooting
Easily reload your camera once you’ve finished your first roll. Mix and match between our wide range of Lomography 35 mm films and check out our Reload Kits!

This special edition comes to you with an exclusive new look designed by Japanese street brand Challenger founder, designer and professional skateboarder, Satoru Taguchi. Taguchi has transposed his recognizable illustration style and popping color palette onto our Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera crafting our most electric edition to date.

Preloaded with psychedelic LomoChrome Purple film, portable and ready for anything – the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera Challenger Edition is perfect for freezing everyday snapshots, unlimited ollies, knockout kickflips and flawless fakies in authentic analogue style. Sling it in your bag, shoot from the hip, slip a color gel filter over your flash and immortalize your escapades with ease. Best of all, this pocket-sized camera is reloadable – so you can shoot, reload and repeat.

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