CANON 55 f/1.2 S.S.C.

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This is a large aperture standard lens based on the optical system of the FL 55mm f/1.2. Despite its large aperture lens, it is highly reputed for its high contrast and stabilized image delineation at full aperture opening. Because of its fast f/1.2 lens speed, it provides high image qualities in low light level photography. Its optical performance is similar to but more advanced than the FD 50mm f/1.4 S.S.C. because of its faster lens speed. Moreover, Canon has compensated for various aberrations, i.e., spherical aberration and coma. Its marginal shading performance is outstanding.

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 What’s included?

The lens with caps. 

Condition: B-

Cosmetic: The glass is super clean, the body has a bunch of wear. There is a small bit of paint missing in a few spots. 

Optical:  Free from haze/fungus/scratches.

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