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This magazine with the barbaric name offers you 60 pages of photographs. No text. Only pictures.

"Tropical, because it's going to be hot, exotic, and it's going to go around the world.
Stoemp (pronounced stoump), from the name of the popular and simple Brussels dish, composed of mashed potatoes mixed with one or several vegetables. Because it's still Belgian, and it will take the form of a tasty mix.
For this first issue, we have gathered 18 photographers and about 70 of their photographs. Images that respond to each other, cohabit in this exclusive form and tell you a story, whose theme is inspired by the lyrics of the famous song by Soundgarden: "Black hole sun, won't you come? And wash away the rain".

The magazine is accompanied by a double poster (David Siodos and Frederic Desmots) and a sticker.

60 pages
Offset print / 22 x 28 cm / Soft cover with soft touch & metallic hot stamping

Photographs : Pauline Amélie, David Ameye, Gil Barez, Kristel Brusadelli, Pauline Caplet, Jean-Marc Chapa, Stéphane Charpentier, Frédéric Desmots, Nía Diedla, Ariel Pascuali, Manu Jougla, Lionel Jusseret, Michaela Knizova, Natnada Marchal, David Siodos, Marie Sordat, Mathieu Van Assche, & Simon Vansteenwinckel

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