We Are Safelight.

We shoot film too.

Safelight is Alessandro Iotti and Chris Morgan. We both share a passion for analog photography and we wanted to create a safe place for people to purchase analog cameras, develop their film, and an overall meeting point for the analog community. In our shop we offer a range of cameras that have all been tested and working, and come with a guarantee. We started a professional film lab offering 35mm and 120 development (C-41, B&W, E-6), high quality scanning, and printing. To serve the community, we have a regular program of photo shows and events in the shop gallery.

Professional Lab

Professional film lab, developing Color Negative C-41, Black & White, and Positive E-6. We scan with Fuji Frontier SP-3000 and Noritsu HS-1800 scanners. Standard and fine art printing also done in house.

Shop & Gallery

Our very memorable all pink shop, is located in the Prenzlauer Berg district in Berlin. The showroom doubles as an exhibition space.

Used Cameras

We sell second hand analog cameras. Every camera is checked over before being offered to you, guaranteed in working condition.

The Shop
Stop In And Say Hi.

The Team

These are the people who make Safelight run. We have a team assembled from all over the world. Go check out their links to see the cool stuff they are working on.


Lab Manager


Lab Manager


Fine Art Print Manager


Black & White Manager


Shop Manager


Lab Assistant/Graphics


Lab Assistant