AMBER T200 27exp
AMBER T200 27exp
AMBER T200 27exp
AMBER T200 27exp
AMBER T200 27exp

AMBER T200 27exp

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The motion picture film game has a new player: AMBER T200, a new product from RETO.

Amber T200 is a motion picture film that gives distinct colors and looks when used in different lighting conditions. It is excellent for low-light situations and will become a cool blue tone if shot in daylight. It requires standard C-41 processing, which is a common and affordable option for lab processing. Please note that this film is not DX-coded. Kindly attach the DX code sticker on the film cassette as illustrated when using an automatic camera. Great-rated ISO 100-400! This will only work with cameras that can change the ISO manually. If your camera doesn't have that, use the DX sticker (check the photo for the placement guide).

  • 200 ISO
  • 27 exp. 135 rolls
  • Tungsten Color Balance 
  • Develops In Normal C-41 Chemicals 




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