MAMIYA RB67 W/ two lenses
MAMIYA RB67 W/ two lenses
MAMIYA RB67 W/ two lenses

MAMIYA RB67 W/ two lenses

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The RB67 Pro-S or Professional S as written on the body, was released in 1974, and is the most common RB67 camera. It was sold for over 15 years. It improved upon the previous model by having an orientation indicator for portrait or landscape mode on the rotating back. This was a feature on the original, but a majority of them did not include the printing.

The focusing has been changed a bit with a new focusing knob lock. It is located below the left hand side focus knob. To use it move the lever forward towards the front of the camera.

The shutter interlock system has also been revised slightly. On the Pro-S roll back the shutter cannot be released if the film is not advanced. That means the the previous method of multiple exposure is changed. The film back now contains an additional multiple exposure lever, under the film advance lever. To use; rotate the lever to the front revealing the red indicator. Cover the red indicator to revert to normal.

The waist level finder had been changed a bit. The magnifier can be raised by moving a small lever on the inside top of the front finder. The magnifier now completely covers the opening of the finder. This reduces the amount of exterior light that enters the focusing screen. Closing the finder is much easier and requiring only pinching the sides to collapse. The original requires you to collapse all four sides independently.

What’s included?

The camera with waist level finder, 2 backs, 127mm lens, 50mm lens, and strap. 

Condition: B-

Cosmetic: Used condition. 

Optical: Viewfinder clean. Lens clean.

Mechanical: All shutter speeds are accurate and all mechanical functions are working


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