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Processing in C41
& Black + White

All films are processed in house. We use our workhorse Fuji Frontier FP363SC for all the color film, and for Black + White we have a JOBO system set up.

Scanning Your Film

We use the industry standard Fuji Frontier SP-3000 film scanner. It produces great, natural, looking scans straight out of the scanner. We do not add any extra adjustments, we let the film do the talking.

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Drop Boxes 

You can find more information about our dropbox network and pick up times here.

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Keep Film Alive

We want to make it as easy as possible for you guys to keep shooting film!

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Film Processing

We offer multiple ways for you to send us your film. In store drop off, mail in by post, or use one of our drop boxes located around Berlin.

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Scans Direct To You

Within a few days you will get a link in your e-mail with all your film scans! They are in high resolution, ready for print or social media. 

Film Developing 

Our Scanner - Fuji Frontier SP-3000

Right now in the Lab we use two Fuji Frontier SP-3000 scanners. These are industry standard in most labs, and create great colors straight from the scanner. The scanner itself was intended to work in collaboration with the "Frontier" line of printers as well. All scans are done at 300dpi ready for print. We can only input the final print size we want, and this will tell the scanner how large or detailed it should scan the negative. We offer two different scan sizes to fit your needs, standard and large. The standard scan will be good for almost everything, including social media and printing up to about A4 size. The large scan is the maximum the scanner can do, below are some of the nerdy details about each.

Standard Scan

File Type: .JPG     
35mm - 2100 x 3150 pixels
645 - 3000 x 4000 pixels
6x6 - 3000 x 3000 pixels
6x7 - 3000 x 3500 pixels

Large Scan

File Type: .TIFF 
35mm - 3500 x 5250 pixels
645 - 3500 x 4667 pixels
6x6 - 3500 x 3500 pixels
6x7 - 3500 x 4083 pixels

Flat Scanning

We added a new option for you guys that need a little bit of extra room for editing. Now we are offering two options of scans. Standard and Flat. The standard scans we just let the scanning decide what is best, and what you end up are beautiful ready to go scans. The new flat option give you a bit more room in the highlights and shadows to edit. We suggest that you only use this flat scan option with the "Large" scans from us.

1. Standard

2. Flat


Prints From Your Film 

Now with every film processing order you have the option to add prints. These high quality prints are made with our Fuji Frontier dry lab. Printed on semi-matte lustre paper, measuring 10x15cm or 15x20cm. These are a good size to give as gifts, or to add to your photo album, or help you choose certain  photos for your upcoming photo project. 

Available as well are fine art prints, from 20x30cm up until 60x90cm. You can choose from 4 different paper types and paper qualities.  More info on printing here.

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