ARS-IMAGO C41 Rapid Kit

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ars-imago 41 is a kit for the development of color negative films and is formulated for C-41 process.


Main features and benefits:

  • Development in a single solution ready to be diluted
  • 45” extra rapid bleach
  • Excellent results even without temperature control


Kit contains:

1 Developer 41 - 260 ml

1 Bleach 41 - 1L

1 Fixer 41 - 500 ml

1 Stabilizer 41 - 100 ml



Developer (1+4) 260ml developer + 760 water = 1L

Bleach (Stock) 1000ml = 1L working solution

Fixer (1+1) 500ml fixer + 500ml water = 1L

Stabilizer (1+99) 10ml stabilizer + 990ml water = 1L


Alternative process without temperature control or maintenance systems

Today’s plastic development tanks have an excellent ability to maintain temperature. The greatest thermal shock is usually due to contact between the heated solution and the room temperature film inside the tank. Therefore, the pre-bath has the task of pre-heating the film and the tank itself in order to avoid temperature deviations once development is entered. Furthermore, although the temperature must be as constant as possible, a deviation of up to 2-3 °C still allows for good results, on the condition that the average remains 37.8 - 38 °C / 100 - 100.4 °F

Follow the instruction


The kit serves about 12-15 films using diluted solutions within a maximum of 5 weeks.

(12-20 * films 135/36 - 120)

*If used within 7-10 days and stored correctly in dark bellows bottles, it is possible to develop up to 20 films. We recommend developing at least 2-4 films at a time for greater efficiency.


More info here.

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