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Made in 1981 by Canon and also known as the Super Sure Shot (US) and Autoboy Super (Japan), the AF35ML was the second in Canon's Sure Shot series and became the compact camera of choice for professionals who wanted to shoot in low-light, since it has a large 1.9 aperture lens.

The shutter button can be held down and able to expose at approx. 1 fps. without flash. A beep will occur if the camera shakes. This happens most often during slow shutter speeds where the camera need to be steady. The camera features a CCD based auto focus system. The auto focusing mode is shown on the viewfinder. Three different LED modes are shown on the left; portrait, group and mountain. Focus lock can also be done by pressing the shutter half way. If a mode is not lit the AF system may be confused and exposure will most likely not be in focus.

At the end of the film roll the camera will emit an electronic beep. To rewind the film back into the canister; on the base of the camera, press and hold the round silver button and slide the rewind switch.

If you want to know more, 35MMC has written a small review.

What’s included?

Only the camera

Condition A

Cosmetic: Good, with normal signs of use.

Optical: Viewfinder clean with minimal dust. Lens clean with no haze/fungus/scratches.

Electronic: All electronic functions are working perfectly.

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