FUJICOLOR 160 Professional S 220

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FUJICOLOR 160 S PROFESSIONAL is an ISO film speed 160 daylight-type color negative film designed for professional use, featuring a gradation design optimized for exposures requiring high-contrast results. Through its use of Fourth Color Layer technology, the newest emulsion technologies and new coupler technology, this film boasts better grain quality and higher sharpness than current films, enabling reproductions with superb gray balance. This film is expressly designed for optimum scanning and single channel printing. PRO 160 S is a highly reliable film that supports a wide range of photographic applications, including portraiture, commercial work, fashion, and architectural and interior photography. The further addition of single channel printing results in uniform printing efficiency with other films in the FUJICOLOR PRO series.

Color negative film

Format - 220

ISO - 160

Expired in 1994

Price per 5 films (1 pro-pack)

This film has not been tested and there is no guarantee, but it has always been kept in the fridge