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FUJICOLOR PORTRAIT FILM NPH 400 PROFESSIONAL is a new-generation professional daylight color negative film incorporating Fujifilm's proprietary fourth color-sensitive layer in addition to the conventional three RGB-sensitive layers. With its extremely useful high-speed ISO 400 rating, NPH provides faithful reproduction of neutral grays with sharply improved fidelity over a wide exposure range from under- to overexposures. It produces superb skin tones with smoothly continuous gradation from the highlights to the shadows, and gives an excellent three-dimensional feeling in such details as fabrics and other textures. By incorporating the most advanced technologies, NPH is able to meet a wide range of photographic needs, from portrait and wedding photography to commercial and fashion work.

Color negative film

Format - 120

ISO - 400

Expired in 2005

Price per 5 films (1 pro-pack)

This film has not been tested and there is no guarantee, but it has always been kept in the fridge