FUJICHROME MS 100/1000 120

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FUJICHROME MS 100/1000 Professional is a multi-speed daylight-type high image quality color reversal film designed to produce consistently excellent results at the normal EI 100 rating as well as when push-processed up to EI 1000 (+3 1/3 stops). Throughout this extended range of usable speeds, photographers will encounter very little loss of gradation, color balance and color reproduction. This important feature makes possible a wide range of applications, enabling RMS to be used under almost all lighting and environmental situations. This makes it especially useful for location work of all types, where unpredictable changes in exposure conditions and great variations in light levels may take place

Color reversal film

Format - 120

ISO - 100/1000

Price per 5 films (1 pro-pack)

This film has not been tested and there is no guarantee, but it has always been kept in the fridge