GOSSEN Lunasix 3

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In 1966 the revised Gossen Lunasix 3 (in US Luna Pro S) was introduced, the main difference being a range of clip on accessories. A later revision changed from the original mercury batteries, these models being distinguished by a black case. Finally, the computer dial was replaced by the Lunasix F dial which incorporated exposure compensation, this version called Lunasix 3s.

The Lunasix 3 introduced the standard incident light dome and meter front end aperture for clip on accessories that featured on every Gossen professional meter until the completely restyled Variosix F of 1990.

The Lunasix was Gossen's flagship meter until the 1977 Profisix and remained available for some years afterwards.

What’s included?

The meter, soft case and strap

Condition: B 

Cosmetic: Good condition, with signs of use

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