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The Hasselblad 2003FCW is a single-lens reflex camera featuring lens, magazine, viewfinder and focusing screen interchangeability.

The grip comfort is also improved by the introduction of the rubber grip-pad on the left hand side of the camera body.

The 2003FCW can be operated manually or fitted with the powerful Hasselblad motor winder, which cycles the camera at 1.3 frames per second.

The 2003FCW also provides a choice of shutter systems - between-the-lens leaf shutters or focal plane shutter - with speeds from 1s to 1/2000s, and allows the use of all Hasselblad lenses manufactured since 1957 as well as the viewfinders, focusing screens, magazines and other accessories in the extensive Hasselblad system. A system that is capable of taking your photography to inner or outer space, and almost anywhere in between.

When used with the between-the-lens (or central) leaf shutters the 2003FCW synchronizes electronic flashes to 1/500s and when used with the camera body's own electronically timed titanium focal plane shutter it synchronizes at 1/90s or slower. At faster speeds the synchronization is disabled to prevent the flash from firing. A mechanical mode allows the C and CF lenses to be used at all shutter speeds also when the camera's battery is exhausted.

Double exposures can be initiated at the touch of a button which also is used for selecting any of the camera's three mirror programs.

What’s included?

The camera, Distagon 60mm, winder, back, and all boxes. 

Condition: A- 

Cosmetic: Very good condition, with some wear on the waist level finder. 

Optical: Viewfinder has a little bit of dust. Lens clean with no haze/fungus/scratches.

Mechanical: All shutter speeds are accurate and all mechanical functions are working perfectly.

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