KODAK Technical Pan film 120
KODAK Technical Pan film 120

KODAK Technical Pan film 120

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Kodak Technical Pan is an almost panchromatic black-and-white film that was produced by Kodak. While it can reproduce the visible light spectrum, it leans to the red, and so unfiltered outdoor shots render blues, most notably the sky, with additional darkening and reds with some lightening. It was generally used as a very slow film, rated at EI 25 or even 16, although it could be rated at up to EI 320 with a distinct loss of tonal range and a bunching of shadow and highlight detail. This film has unmatched fine grain, especially when rated at a low speed, and makes excellent enlargements while preserving fine details. Kodak stopped selling it in 2004. It has not been replaced by a film (from any manufacturer) with its characteristics.

Black and white negative film.

Format - 120

ISO - 25 (steps between 16 and up to 320)

Expired in 2002

This film has not been tested and there is no guarantee.