KONICA Big Mini BM-311Z w/soft case

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Konica introduced the BM-311Z in 1992 as an addition to their BigMini series which had prime lenses so far.

They claimed it to be the first, smallest and lightest auto-focus 2x zoom compact for 35mm film available at that time. The white sticker on the front states "No.1", other stickers with "The First" were also used.

It is fitted with a 35-70mm zoomlens, operated by just one button next to the shutter button. Like the other models it features a small LCD display on the back indicating set flash mode, film counter and battery condition. There's also a macro mode and self timer function button at the back. Film transport and rewind are motorized.

What’s included?

The camera, stap and soft case 

Condition B

Cosmetic: Ok conditions, with signs of use

Optical: Viewfinder clean. Lens clean with no haze/fungus/scratches

Electronic:  All electronic functions are working perfectly


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