LEICA Elmar 5cm f/2.8

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The 1950s LEICA ELMAR 50mm f/2.8 works just fine on today's latest cameras, like the M9 and M7. It is a superb lens for use in daylight, or on a tripod in any light.

Its advantage over newer, faster lenses is its smaller size, less weight, and it's collapsible for carrying.

Collapse it, and your LEICA M becomes a pocket camera, fitting in the large pocket of your hiking shorts, opening a spiritual channel to Oskar Barnack, the martyred saint of LEICA, the inventor of the 24x36mm full-frame format and the creator photography as we know it today.

This is the M-Mount version. 

More info at Ken Rockwell here.

What’s included?

The lens, and both caps.

Condition: A-

Cosmetic: Overall very good condition, with some signs of use.

Optical:  Free from haze/fungus/scratches.