MAMIYA 7 w/80 4
MAMIYA 7 w/80 4
MAMIYA 7 w/80 4
MAMIYA 7 w/80 4

MAMIYA 7 w/80 4

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The Mamiya 7 is a medium format rangefinder camera with interchangeable lenses made by the Japanese company Mamiya, released 1 June 1995. It is the successor of the Mamiya 6 (1989) and Mamiya 6 MF (1993), lacking the collapsing lens feature of the Mamiya 6. The reason is that the lens mount diameter increased from 52.5mm to 67mm and required a new light shielding mask, which would block a collapsing lens. The Mamiya 7 captures 6×7 images onto 120 or 220 film for 10 or 20 exposures. It is also capable of using 35mm film with the Panoramic Adapter. This produces images of 24 x 65mm. A standard 36 exposure film will yield 16 photos while a 24 exposure will have 10.

The viewfinder has a 0.57 magnification with auto parallax correction. It has a RF base length of 60mm. The bright frame lines are automatically set based on the lenses used. It is compatible with 65, 80, and 150mm lenses. The 43mm lens requires a separate finder. The bottom the the viewfinder display has the shutter speed, over exposure and LT for Long Time exposure and when blinking for under exposure. A B indicator for bulb is also present.

The leaf shutter is electronic with speeds of 4 to 1/500 sec. Exposure can be compensated from +2 to -2EV (in 1/3EV steps). The film speed range is from 25 to 1600 ISO. Since it's a leaf shutter system, flash sync is available at all speeds. It can be used with either the hot shoe or the PC sync connector. An electronic self-timer is available with a delay of 10 seconds. It can be activated with the button next to the rangefinder window. When set, the LED in front is lit, and then blinks when about to release.

To load film release the the back with the switch on the left hand grip; press the spool release buttons on the inside bottom of the film chamber. Film spooling is the semi-automatic type, meaning you have to align the start indicator on the film to a indicator on the camera body. Remember the take up spool is located on the right. Setting the ISO speed is done by lifting up the outer ring of the shutter speed dial, rotate to the desired setting. Changing to 120 or 220 film requires rotating the pressure plate inside the film back. Rotating this format plate also changes the film index window on the bottom of the memo clip, which is also a reminder of the emulsion type. Film advance is done manually via and advance crank. The camera is powered by a 4SR44 or 2CR1/3 battery.

What’s included?

The camera, all the caps and 80mm f4 lens

Condition: B

Cosmetic: Body has signs of use, on the bottom plate and on the back the gum is a bit consumed. 

Optical: Lenses are in great condition.

Mechanical: All shutter speeds are accurate and all mechanical functions are working.


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