MAMIYA M645 Super w/80mm and 55mm

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The M645 Super645 Pro645 Pro TL and 645E are medium-format SLR cameras made in Japan by Mamiya from the mid-1980's. They make fifteen 6×4.5 cm images on a 120 roll film. Unlike Mamiya's 6×7 SLR cameras, they do not have bellows, but rely on helical focusing in the lenses. The camera bodies are made mainly from polycarbonate, in contrast to the metal bodies of the earlier M645 models. The lens mount is the same bayonet mount as that in those earlier cameras, and film inserts are also interchangeable between them. Viewfinders for the earlier cameras cannot be used with cameras from this series, and vice versa. The series was replaced with the auto-focus 645 AF series from late 1999.

The M645 Super was introduced in December 1985. It was designed by Tsuneaki Munakata, who also designed the Mamiya ZM and Mamiya RZ67. The camera represents a significant improvement upon the features of its predecessors (the original M645 and M645 1000S), in particular because of the extension of the modular construction to include removable film backs.

What’s included?

The camera, 80mm (macro version) and 55mm lens, AE prism finder and waist level finder, eye-cup body and lenses caps.

Condition: A

Cosmetic: Great condition, almost mint

Optical: Both lens in very good condition.

Mechanical: All shutter speeds are accurate and all mechanical functions are working