UNOMAT Mini Flash

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 The UNOMAT Mini Flash is a super compact flash, powered by only 1 AA battery.

After searching long and hard, this is the smallest, lightest, least expensive flash we could find.

Great for close up street photography, or when you want the option of a flash without all the bulk. It fits easily in your pocket.

It has a guide number of 14 M with ISO 100 speed.

We have tested this flash on as many analog cameras as we could, and it works great.

We do not know if it will work on your digital cameras.

For example it works on our Leica M6 but not on the digital Leica M either TTL, also we have tried on a Sony A7 with no luck.

This flash will not work with TTL flash cameras.

What’s included?

The flash in the original box with a fresh battery.

Condition: Brand New


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