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The Nikon FM2 is an advanced semi-professional, interchangeable lens, 35 mm film, single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. It was manufactured by Nippon Kogaku K. K. (today Nikon Corporation) in Japan from 1982 to 2001. The original camera was released with some incremental improvements (such as a higher flash-sync speed) in 1984, and this later version is commonly referred to as the FM2n (for 'new', due to the N preceding the serial number on the rear of the top plate), although both versions are labelled as the FM2 on the front of the camera body.

In 1993, a special ultra-durable version of the FM2n called the FM2/T was released and sold in parallel with the regular FM2n. The "T" stood for titanium, which was the material used for the top and bottom plates along with the camera back. The Nikon FM2/T listed for $1120 and was discontinued in 1997.

What’s included?

Only the camera 

    Condition: A

    Cosmetic: Very good condition, almost mint.

    Optical: Viewfinder clean. Lens clean with no haze/fungus/scratches.

    Mechanical: All shutter speeds are accurate and all mechanical functions are working.

    Electronic: All electronic functions are working.