ROLLEI Crossbird - 35mm

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The Rollei Crossbird is a creative film, with excellent colour fidelity, above average contrast range and high sharpness. As a "creatively used color film (cross development in the C-41 standard process - negative) with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 200. With the Crossbird the optimum of creative overemphasis of the colour green with simultaneous highlighting of skin tones and the yellow-orange colour space is possible. In the tradition of the popular slide cross films, it is film material that does not allow "colour falsification", but "creative colour accentuation as a stylistic device".
Basically, this film is a so-called "cross-film". But in the product development it was taken care that color spaces exactly matched the optimum of the fairness in a picture already in the moment of the admission reproduce. This not only resulted in the usual color shift, but also in a film characteristic that allows fairy-tale color embossing and appears pleasant and harmonious to the human eye. With the Crossbird, Rollei offers a photographic use that could be described as a "fantasy film". In spite of the creative possibilities, the film brings everything that is required of a modern colour film: High ontrast range and optimal sharpness. If it is developed in the "right" E-6 process. The Crossbird is equally suitable for lomographic photography as well as for use in precise camera systems. With this a film is available, which allows in the purely analog as well as hybrid processing the maximum of realistic and at the same time imaginative image design without lengthy additional processing. 

C-41 | The Rollei CROSSBIRD can be developed in the C-41 process. The C-41 process is a constant, uncomplicated developing process that is temperature-dependent. This means that it doesn't matter which ISO number you want to develop, the process is always the same.

E6 | Please note: If the Rollei CROSSBIRD is processed in E6 (as a color slide film), the film should be exposed at ISO 100/21°. The film then has a golden yellow appearance and gets the look of a warm summer day.

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