ROLLEI Paul & Reinhold 640

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In 1920, Paul Franke and Reinhold Heidecke founded Rollei. 100 years later, in 2020, we celebrate the brand‘s anniversary. This limited twin-pack is dedicated to them.
Two b&w negative films, both with the same contents; just like the two founders carried the same vision. Both films are intended to capture and develop the sharing of creative ideas and to take them out into the world.

So why not sharing the second film with a friend and shooting photos for eternity?

  • Two b&w negative films with 36 exposures each

  • Nominal sensitivity: ISO 640/29°

  • Including film container for two 35mm films

  • Fine grain & natural contrasts 

  • Exposure latitude from ISO 320/26° to ISO 1600/33°

  • Excellent for available light, action & street photos


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