Sekonic L-308X

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The Sekonic L-308X Flashmate is the smallest and lightest digital light meter in the Sekonic range. The meter is designed to read ambient or flash exposures of both direct and reflected light and provides accurate exposure measurements in increments of a full, half or third stop to reflect the exposure settings of today's SLR cameras and film cameras. 

When set to the whole stop mode, the exposures are displayed in steps of a tenth stop with a repeat accuracy of +/- 0.1 EV. The LCD screen is designed to mimic the appearance of the bigger brother, the Sekonic L-358 Flashmate. Exposure data and related information are displayed using clear icons, which are perfectly readable even in low light conditions.

What’s included?

The meter, strap, and case. 

Condition: A 

Cosmetic: Good condition, with signs of use.