Spätlight 800T

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—-We are still working on a new machine to do bulk quantities of the film—-

Hopefully new production will be ready first weeks of September!

Thanks for waiting


We are proud to present to you our latest creation, Spätlight 800T.
For all you non-germans this is a nod to the Berlin late night shops called Spätkaufs a.k.a Späti (english: Bodega).This film is a perfect companion for your late evenings out. The high ISO makes it great for shooting in dark situations. The tungsten color balance of the film makes it perfect for photos under artificial light.

Due to the nature of how this film is created there can be extra light leaks or blue streaks on the film. 

We are releasing batches of this film weekly. We are working on scaling up our production. 


  • 800 ISO
  • Tungsten Color Balance 
  • Develops In Normal C-41 Chemicals 




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