ADOX Adofix Plus 500ml

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High capacity express-fixer with maximum capacity for black and white photo papers (RC and fibre), films and photographic plates.

Suitable for the use in machines and trays.

With one liter of concentrate you can make up to 10 liters of working solution.

 Dilution 1+4 until 1+9.
Capacity: 1,4-2 sqm photopaper or 6-9 Films per Liter of working solution at 1+9
Total capacity: 90 films or 450 sheets 18×24 cm photopaper per liter of conc.

Fixing time for films: 4 minutes
Fixing time for papers: 1 minute

For more info check here.

We can not ship this outside of Europe! Sorry, it is not possible to ship this with airmail.

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