35mm Color Slide (E-6) Film Developing
35mm Color Slide (E-6) Film Developing - Safelight Berlin

35mm Color Slide (E-6) Film Developing

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35mm Color Slide (E-6) Film Developing

For all positive slide film, including Velvia, Provia, Ektachrome. 

Half-Frame (scanned 2 pictures per frame*), 3-D(Nishika/Reto/Nimslo), and X-Pan scans are all possible at no extra charge. 

We process slide film only 1 time per week, usually on Wednesdays. Please be aware of this incase you have a deadline to meet. 

*We scan all half frame negatives as 2 frames on one, unless you want single images, please tell us or add a note with your order. 


Basic Scan: 1340 x 1984 - JPG Example 

Perfect size for social media and lab prints. For printing up to A5

Standard Scan: 2161 x 3224 Pixels - JPG Example 

Great size for all-around purposes, social media, printing to A4+

Large Scan: 3602 x 5397 Pixels - TIFF Example 

The biggest size we have, we have printed up up to 60x90cm from these files.


Contact Sheet (+   5/   €7,50): A full overview of your scans, includes film borders. See here.

For more information on how our lab works, how to send us film, and other questions, please head over to our Lab FAQ.

IMPORTANT: Please bear in mind that we are not responsible for any loss or damage during shipping and/or processing.

With regards to storage of negatives:  they will be kept in our facilities for a maximum of two months after which they will be disposed of without further warning (email, SMS...). Please pick up your negatives on time.

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Orders that will ship outside of EU might have delays due to customs, these are factors beyond our control.

Orders including lab processing and normal products will be shipped after the lab part is complete.

Please remember to include your order # when shipping or dropping films.

Ship your films here:

Safelight Berlin

Schivelbeiner Str. 9

10439 Berlin

Or drop your films in one of our Dropboxes located around Berlin.

For all other lab questions please check our Lab FAQ'S.