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Analog Starter Kit

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The starter kit film basic contains all you need to develop your own film in the basic version.

The kit contains:

- a Paterson two film tank with two spirals
- a thermometer
- a Adox 25 ml Rodinal measuring cylinder
- a Adox 1000 ml measuring cup
- 100 ml of ADONAL film developer
- 100 ml of ADOFIX Fixer
- 50 ml of ADOFLO wetting agent
- an exposed film in order to reherse the film spooling process
- a comprehensive manual in german and english language with many images explaining the film developing process

With this kit you can develop up to 7 Black + White  films.

The following items are assumed to be in your house already:

- a dark room to spool the film (alternatively buy a changing bag)
- a stop clock with minute hand
- a pair of scissors
- a pair of clothes peg to hang the film for drying


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