FUJI Velvia 100 120

FUJI Velvia 100 120

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Fujichrome Velvia 100: Colour reversal film with outstanding colour brillance and detail rendition.

For about three decades Fujifilm has been market leader in the colour reversal film market (leading in technology and in sales volume). And they have continuously supplied the market with their colour reversal / transparency film types even in the most difficult and problematic times of the market - as the only manufacturer.

VELVIA 100 uses new technologies which make it possible to create an even finer grain and doubling the light sensitivity.
Progress in emulsion technology has made it now possible to create a saturation and color rendition which is very similar to Velvia 50 which in this case is used as reference film in Landscape- and Nature Photography.

Differences between Velvia 100 and 50:
- Velvia 100 offers double light sensitivity.
- Velvia 100 has a minimal advantage in fineness of grain
- The colour rendition is very similar, but not completely identical. Especially colour rendition in shadow areas is visibly different.
- The characteristic curve has a bit steeper form than that of Velvia 50. Velvia 100 has a bit more contrast than Velvia 50, and its exposure latitude is a bit less.

Velvia 100 offers an increased colour saturation and outstanding colour brilliance. The perfect red, blue, yellow and green rendition and perfect colour differentiation are characteristics for this film. The perfect rendition (colour differentiation, colour saturation and colour brilliance) of sky blues and greens of plants makes Velvia 100 the optimal film for landscape photography.
Furthermore in product photography and in the photo studio Velvia 100 has a huge application spectrum. And in all situations in which the original intensity of certain colours has to be documented Velvia 100 is also the right choice.

Color positive film

Format - 120

ISO - 100

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