A week with the Yashica T2

A week with the Yashica T2 | Safelight Berlin


This past week I had the pleasure of shooting a Yashica T2. I have always heard good things about all of the Yashica T series cameras, so I figured I would give one a shot. I was looking online for some good deals and came across a guy selling two in very good condition. 

My first impressions were that it looks super 80s style and more chunky than I had first imagined, but once I got it in my hand, I really liked it. It has a nice grip and a simple on off switch that you can control with just one hand, which is really nice if you are using this as a quick street shooter.

Other than that there really is only two other buttons on the camera labeled ‘daylight flash’ and 'no flash’. The daylight flash is a cool thing when you want to add some fill flash during the day. I used it on the photo of the shoes in the grass, and I think it is a very nice feature, not too overpowering.

The best thing about this camera is the amazing 35mm carl zeiss lens. I was curious how sharp it really is, and when I finally got around to developing them I have to say I was very impressed. Super sharp and detailed. I am a Leica shooter, and I have to say there is not much difference between the detail of the this and something I shot on my m6.

Does the 80s style plastic body look a bit cheap? Yes, but overall this camera is a fun point and shoot, very easy to use, and the picture quality is awesome. 
The photos I shot here were with Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed to 1600 iso developed in HC-110.

For some more info about this camera you can check here in our shop.

All pictures by Chris Morgan

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