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Contax T2 a real blast or just pure hype?

   The Contax T2 doesn't need a lot of introduction. Thanks to public figure such as Kendall Jenner and family this little gem of mechanics reached peaks of unimaginable hype and, in our opinion, also a bit too overestimated. But don't get me wrong, the T2 is one the best cameras of the high end point-and-shoot market but as its characteristic and features we prefer other cameras (matter of taste). Handling the camera can be positive at the very beginning but while you will start to take your first pictures you'll realize how close your finger will be to the lens. Once you will understand how to pur you middle finger on the grip this will be not a problem anymore, but you...

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What a classy journey with the Fujifilm Klasse!

    The Klasse S is a modern and compact point-and-shoot with all the features of a proper 35mm camera (just to give you an idea, I used to take it with me as a back up of my Contax G2, loading a different film, and I've been always happy of its results). I tried the camera during a trip in Paris, and since is Paris (for me the city has to be shoot in bw) I used a black and white film, a Kodak Tri-X 400. Its 38mm f/2.8 lens offers crisp photos through the well-built viewfinder and their superb EBC Fujinon lens. One of the core features that made the Fuji Klasse cameras a great competitor in the high end...

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A week with the Yashica T2

  This past week I had the pleasure of shooting a Yashica T2. I have always heard good things about all of the Yashica T series cameras, so I figured I would give one a shot. I was looking online for some good deals and came across a guy selling two in very good condition.  My first impressions were that it looks super 80s style and more chunky than I had first imagined, but once I got it in my hand, I really liked it. It has a nice grip and a simple on off switch that you can control with just one hand, which is really nice if you are using this as a quick street shooter.Other than that...

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