Rainy days with the Canon Prima AS-1

Rainy days with the Canon Prima AS-1 | Safelight Berlin

Canon Prima AS-1

For the past few weeks I have been shooting with an underwater camera from Canon called the Canon Prima AS-1 and I guess it had a few different names in other parts of the world including Autoboy D5 and Sure Shot A-1.

This camera is awesome, it looks like a toy and is super small, which for an underwater camera that can handle diving to 5 meters is really cool. The camera is super fun to shoot with, the shutter and winder are very silent and the autofocus is not bad either.

The front of the camera has a nice dial with a few different shooting modes.

There is Auto, which seems to get everything correct most of the time, apart from a few backlight situations, it did pretty well.

If you need to make sure the flash goes off you can put on the flash mode.

There is a no flash mode which is cool if you are pushing some film and trying to do some street photos without the flash going off. I was able to shoot the photo of the man at dusk this way.

The last mode is a sort of Macro mode, that focuses between .45-1 meter with a forced flash. I thought maybe the photos would be blown out being that close but I was really surprised when I saw the negatives and how well the exposure was. The portrait of the women on the escalator is with the “macro” mode.

Sadly I did not have a chance to try it underwater, but maybe if it still around when I go on vacation in a few months I will take it with me.

For some more info about this camera you can check here in our shop.

All pictures by Chris Morgan

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